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Publicaciones 2017

The acoustics of the concert hall Auditorio Juan Victoria from San Juan, Argentina

Año: 2017

Autores: Accolti, E.; Alamino Naranjo, E.; Alonso Frank, A.; Kuchen, E.; Arballo, B.;

Resumen: The Auditorio Juan Victoria is a concert hall inside the cultural center of the same name, opened in 1970 in San Juan province, Argentina. The audience area is rectangular with a seating capacity of 976 people. The stage is fan shaped in which 80 musicians seated with their instruments and a choir of 90 singers standing can be accommodated. The hall is 22 m wide, 40 m long and 10 m high. The hall is equipped with a pipe organ with 44 ranks and 3565 pipes. In this article, the acoustic quality of the hall is assessed by a questionnaire and acoustic parameters are measured using the state of the art methods, including ISO 3382-1 parameters and subjective evaluation. Results are compared with subjective and objective data from other similar halls and recommended values from literature.

Link: http://asa.scitation.org/doi/pdf/10.1121/2.0000327