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Publicaciones 2017

Stable Path Following Control for a Quadrotor Helicopter Considering Energy Consumption

Año: 2017

Autores: Gandolfo, D.; Salinas, L.; Santos Brandao, A.; Toibero, M.;

Resumen: A substantial interest in aerial robots has grown in recent years. However, the energetic cost of flying is one of the key challenges nowadays. Rotorcrafts are heavier-than-air flying machines that use lift generated by one or several rotors (vertically oriented propellers) and because of this they spend a large proportion of their available energy to maintain their own weight in the air. In this paper, this concept is used to evaluate the relationship between navigation speed and energy consumption in a miniature quadrotor helicopter which travels over a desired path. A novel path following controller is proposed in which the speed of the rotorcraft is a dynamic profile that varies with the geometric requirements of the desired path. The stability of the control law is proved using the Lyapunov theory. Experimental results using a real quadrotor show the good performance of the proposed controller and the percentages of involved energy are quantified using a model of a lithium polymer battery that was previously identified.